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Meet Tanya

Hey there! I'm Tanya and I own and operate Celebrar Events. I'll be your very own party decor guru. I will take you through all the design steps and personally install your decorations on your event date.

I have always enjoyed throwing a good party and bringing ideas to life. I began my sustainable journey just a few years ago after learning more about environmental issues in college. As I have implemented sustainable lifestyle changes and with the encouragement of colleagues and friends, I decided to take my party planning to the next level and Celebrar Events was created. I know decorating can be hard and being sustainable is even harder- thankfully I enjoy both. I look forward in working with you in creating amazing memories.

Need a Grab & Go Garland?

In a hurry? On a budget? Then Grab & Go Garlands are just what you need. Garlands created by me! Just order, pickup, and hang at your party!